5 Things You Need To Know Before Selling On Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be a great way to earn an income. Shopping online is continually growing in popularity and Amazon is the king of online market places. Starting out as a brand new Amazon seller can also be a little intimidating when you aren’t sure where to begin. There’s a lot you need to know and feeling overwhelmed by it all is completely normal. While there are a lot of tips out there for selling on Amazon not all of those tips are geared towards beginners and first-time sellers. If yo

5 Things Galleries Look For Before Representing An Artist

As an artist, getting represented by can be a big step in your career. There are a lot of benefits to being represented by a well-known art gallery, including a dependable increase in the number of people seeing your work. It’s an understandable and admirable goal for a lot of visual artists to be represented by a gallery. The problem is it’s sometimes hard to know what a gallery might be looking for in an artist. There isn’t a clear cut list of specific things every single gallery wants from e

5 Awesome Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate With Social Media

If you use social media marketing tactics correctly you can see some awesome results in your conversion rate. When done well social media marketing helps you reach your customers and potential new customers in fun new ways. You get to have a different kind of conversation with your social media followers than you might have with a customer leaving a review or email. Depending on what tactics you’re currently using you may not have to change much about your approach at all. It all depends

5 Ways Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Can Increase Your Profits

If you’re running your e-commerce business on Amazon and you haven’t made the leap to using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) services yet, it’s likely because you haven’t fully been able to understand or research what the actual benefits are. Sometimes Amazon e-commerce sellers look at the additional fees and shy away from making the leap to FBA if they’re currently doing shipping themselves. The thing is, Amazon FBA fees don’t necessarily cut too far into your profit margin. There are even tools o

5 Reasons You Need To Look Into A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is something you can’t consider an “extra” for your business anymore. Customers expect businesses to have an online presence in at least a few forms. You don’t have to be on every social media platform out there but having a digital marketing plan is essential to the continued success of your business. It’s tempting to think you can handle digital marketing yourself. On the surface, it looks pretty easy. You might even try to tackle it yourself for a while just because it’s ha

Why Hardscaping Is Trending In 2019

Get up to speed with the latest in outdoor remodeling by learning what hardscaping is and all the rave about it. You might even find brilliant tips and ideas that'll turn your front yard and backyard look even more amazing. Hardscaping has seen a huge surge in popularity this year. Hardscape trends have had a dramatic increase in Google searches, especially as warmer weather comes around. People are looking for new ways to make their lawns and outdoor living spaces look amazing and hardscap

10 Expert Fashion Tips Every Girl Should Know : Follow The Fashion

When it appears to fashion tips there’s constantly a lot of knowledge out there about what you should or shouldn’t be dressing. It’s simple to find the knowledge amazing, and it’s even different at times. One site can say metallic finishes are the hot trending sandals this year while another will tell you to find comfortable sandals and just wear those. If you’re overwhelmed by all the choices on the market and aren’t even sure where to start you aren’t alone. A lot of people find the informati

Super Mom: 20 Foods Busy Parents Can Eat With Just One Hand

Let's face it—moms are always on the go and usually subsist on the leftovers of whatever their kid refused to eat that day. "Mom! You didn't cut the crust off!" Oh, kids... we love them, but they really can be the pickiest eaters in the world.  Imagine the meltdown if even a sliver of an olive touched their slice of pizza. In fact, that's probably how the apocalypse is brought on. Toddlers banding together to revolt against broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and canned green beans. Kids should definite

6 'Kid-Friendly' Products That Were Horrifying And Insane

Important institutions and billion-dollar companies are too chicken to make a five-year-old their vice president of marketing, so it's up to boring, suited adults. Obviously they miss their marks on occasion, since they're driven by profits instead of childlike wonderment. But sometimes they miss a mark so badly that they win up traumatizing a whole generation. Like how ... Danish Zoos Cut Up Dead Animals In Front Of Toddlers In 2015, roughly 400 children gathered around the corpse of a euthan

Cutthroat Kitchen: 20 Times Food Shows Were Brutal In The Most Hilarious Ways

Food Shows across the country and even internationally draw viewers from hardcore foodies to those of us just looking to root for our favorite contestant. We tune in for game show style entertainment, and we tune in to see Snoop Dogg cook brownies with Martha Stewart. Hey, the more absurd the pairing the better. We aren't going to argue with that theory. Sometimes the best parts of these shows are the brutally honest (or just plain mean) remarks from the judges, hosts, and contestants alike. Hon

5 Real Places With Stories Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

Sensible people know there are no such things as haunted houses. But there are seemingly innocent places that will provide visitors with more willies per square inch than any ghost-infested mansion. Supernatural scares can't even hope to compare with what living human beings are capable of. Just look at how ... Magisterial plantations are popular tourist destinations across the South, because while they were built on the backs of slaves, they also serve delicious mint juleps at destination wedd